• World file. Image provided by Pranav.
  • Bitmap file from the oldshit folder.
  • Instances found in the same directory.

This track doesn't have a specific name. It was found inside the Botanical Garden folder of Developer Version, in a subfolder called oldshit. It's earlier modification date was in 1998, and rumours said that this track was another one used for physics testing.

The world file doesn't have any textures applied, and is not even mapped, however a bitmap named garden1A.BMP is present in the folder, which contains some textures of plants/tropical vegetation. The folder contains some exclusive instances too, which were never seen in any of the stock tracks.

There are some MAKEITGOOD files in the folder, as AI Nodes and Objects, but they do not seem to fit well to the track. All file names in the folder starts with Garden1, so the files are probably from the Botanical Garden level.