nVolt (new New-Volt) was an attempt from Re-Volt Live team to recreate Re-Volt's graphic engine.

Begun as a fork of New-Volt, nVolt was the first open source .NET solution to edit/view/preview Re-Volt files, however, due to lack of popularity, the project was closed and forked again into small other projects.

nVolt is well known for its speed (which even competes with Re-Volt's C++ file loading)

As of September'18th, those projects were forked from nVolt:

- Car::Load (a tool for previewing and editing Re-Volt cars in real time)

- PRM (tool) (a program for editing prm files)

- W_Console (a session based program for manipulating a .w file, it can also activate texture animation and ENV shading)

- W,PRM decoders/encoders (CLI solutions to decode a prm file in human readable way and then reencode it)

- Car Manager Reloaded (a program for managing cars created from a fusion of Car::Load and Car Manager)

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