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Mystery (also known as Mystery Car in its parameters file and also known in the carbox as ???????) is a special car used during the Multi-Player and Time Trial playmodes. When the opponent's car is not installed in the user's game, Mystery's body file is used as a dummy or placeholder for the missing car.

Mystery is available as a playable car through the CARNIVAL cheat code in the PC and Dreamcast versions.


Mystery is a special car. It is only seen when the opponent's car does not exist in the user's Re-Volt directory. This occurs in two occasions; in Multi-Player and Time Trial.

In Multi-Player, players are free to use any vehicles that are available in their car directory, and from this, it is possible for one player's car to not exist in another player's copy of the game. Mystery will then replace the unavailable car in races.

In Time Trial, Mystery will appear as the ghost car, should the vehicle used to get the record lap is nonexistent in the game. This may occur from setting a best lap with the vehicle, then deleting the car's file afterwards. The car will disappear, however the Time Trial record files will still remain.


As a playable car, Mystery has fairly solid stats, which all fit well in the Amateur rating. Both its top speed and acceleration are very respectable, granting Mystery decent swiftness and mobility. Its weight of 1.4 kilograms is also well-rounded, fitting with most of its competitors. Mystery's turning radius is also reasonable, cornering similarly to Matra XL. While not a major disadvantage, Mystery's grip is its weakest characteristic, with the vehicle's RWD drivetrain not doing any favors to it.

Overall, Mystery stats are all-around, and would fit very well in its rating if it was a normally obtainable standard car.

Mystery's statistics and parameters are completely identical to Aquasonic's, including the Amateur rating and the RWD drivetrain, with the only difference being that Aquasonic is glow-powered, while Mystery is electric. This makes Aquasonic the car hiding under Mystery's robe. The two cars have different models and Mystery's collision box is more simplified compared to Aquasonic's.

Additional Information[]

  • The only demos that contains this car are v0.01acclaim, v0.01gamespot and v0.01ign.pc. It is unplayable in any of them without using the box-swap trick or copying the cars data folder and renaming it accordingly.
  • This car isn't selectable in the game, but can be unlocked by using the CARNIVAL cheat code or changing its Obtain Method in parameters.
  • In RE-VOLT 2: Best RC 3D Racing, Mystery is unlocked through the "Lucky Wheel".
  • Possibly the folder name refers to "question".
  • Curiously, the mipmap file of the texture is the only in the game installation with highlighted Q in the extension (car.bmQ).



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