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Museum Battle, also known as Museum Battlezone in its .inf file, is a battle track created by Acclaim Studios London.

The track is the battle variant of Museum 2. It pits the combatants inside a space exhibition. Many elements from the original track's 'Lunar Lander' and its surrounding objects are re-used.

Course Layout[]

Combatants start on the center of the arena. Here, the terrain is a replica of the Moon's surface. There are human footprints scattered across the surface.

There are four narrow and steep ramps spreading out at the center of the battlefield. These inclines take players to the top floor of the area. The top floor is a rigid square path that acts as a perimeter of the stage.

Throughout the square path, there are extremely steep ramps that lead to beneath the perimeter of the stage. The path here is similar, leading across the outskirts of the stage.

On the same bottom floor which also contains the area with the Moon's surface, there are cuboid-like pillars that curve into a circle, effectively surrounding the aforementioned area. However, there are gaps across these walls, acting as a transitional point between the area beneath the square path and the center stage.


The surface of the Moon is quite dense and bumpy. It will hinder vehicles with poor off-road abilities, decreasing their top speed if they drive over it.

Museum Battle contains some of the most steepest inclines in the entire game. Due to this, vehicles with poor acceleration will suffer in these inclines, climbing them at a very slow rate.

There are also no railings on the top floor. As a result, combatants should be cautious not to unintentionally fall, especially when cutting corners on the square path.

Finally, the corners on the area beneath the top floor are blind, mainly because of the cuboid-like walls that conceals the turn. This makes it difficult to anticipate oncoming opponents attempting to steal the star.


Due to the very steep inclines, a car with excellent acceleration is required. Humma is a good choice as it has one of the highest acceleration stats in its rating. Handling is not a large priority, due to the stage's lack of sharp turns.

Roaming around the square path is a decent strategy. It allows players to see a complete view of opposing racers as there are no obstruction. Evading with the star here is okay, however, one must be careful of ambushes that can occur on the very steep ramps along the square path.

Another excellent place to stray on the top of the walls surrounding the moon exhibit. It can be reached by driving to any of the ramps surrounding the area, then dropping off the incline midway through onto the wall. From there, by using the reposition command, it is also possible for players to launch their car onto the smaller walls, making it even more difficult for others to steal the star if one has it.

Star Locations[]

There are four possible locations of the Star. All of them are located on each corner of the square path as seen on the top floor.

On one corner of the square path. It is beside an ambient red light.

On one corner of the square path. It is between green and purple ambient lights.

On one corner of the square path. It is between yellow and magenta ambient lights.

On one corner of the square path. It is between two dark blue ambient lights.

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