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For the different available playable features in the game, see Playmodes.

The four available modes. Arcade is selected, detailing full car speed, and simple car collisions.

Before the Name Wheel, the player will be prompted to select a Mode. Depending on the mode selected, they can alter the speed of all cars in a race and their physics. This in turn emulates a degree of difficulty in races. There are a total of four selectable modes in the game.

In the Dreamcast version, the mobile ports and few demos, the mode is instead selected in 'Game Settings' under Options.

List of Modes

The four modes, as listed in order from the game are:


Correlates to the Extreme difficulty. In Simulation mode, cars travel at full speed, and collisions against walls or even cars contain realistic physics. Due to the complex physics, Simulation mode punishes racers who make contact with either of those two. The notion of avoiding contact with opposing racers makes this mode especially challenging, where cars can drive on top of each other, thereby losing control for vehicles caught in the incident. This mode is less preferable in online sessions since it is known for causing lag in the game.


Correlates to the Hard difficulty. In Arcade mode, cars travel at their full speed and wall collisions remain complex, however in this mode, car collisions are now simplistic. Vehicles are now able to easily retain control should they collide with each other. The simple car physics simply cause racers to lose speed upon collision. Due to the realistic track physics kept in Simulation mode, racers should still be wary of crashing into walls as they have a major disruption on the car.

Arcade is the only available mode in the Stunt Arena playmode.


Correlates to the Medium difficulty. Console mode retains the full car speed, but now feature simplistic collisions on both the car and the track. Console is very forgiving in terms of errors, as colliding against walls in this mode only causes the vehicle to lose speed but allows control to be retained. Console is suitable for new players wanting to try the full speed of the RC cars while being lenient on mistakes and crashes they make.

Console is not available in the Dreamcast port of the game.

Junior RC

Correlates to the Easy difficulty. Junior RC's collision physics are identical to Console's, however Junior RC is unique from the fact that it reduces the top speed of all cars in a race by a portion. Many newcomers will find it difficult to control most of the cars in Re-Volt, due to their nimble and fast characteristics. The aim of Junior RC is to slow down the pace of the game to make it enticing for new players, making it the perfect mode for family or friends.

Junior RC is not available in the Dreamcast version of the game. It is also not present in the Battle Tag playmode.


  • The challenge times do not alter even if Junior RC was selected. This makes it extremely grueling and an ironically difficult task, almost to the point of being impossible, to beat a challenge time under this mode.