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A mesh is a group of polies.

While .w file contains many meshes, .prm file contains only one mesh (group of polies).

A polygon in a computer graphics (image generation) system is a two-dimensional shape that is modelled and stored within its database. A polygon can be colored, shaded and textured, and its position in the database is defined by the coordinates of its vertices (corners).

A vertex (plural vertices) in computer graphics is a data structure that describes a point in 2D or 3D space. Display objects are composed of arrays of flat surfaces (typically triangles) and vertices define the location and other attributes of the corners of the surfaces.

Re-Volt Meshes file extensions

  • W; "World File", is a file containing meshes of a track, adding surface properties (bumpy, muddy...), animated textures, and others. Bassicaly, is a PRM for tracks, but increased.
  • PRM; is an instance mesh. This type of mesh is used both as a track instance as a car body. With instances, is possible create "clones" of an object in a track using the edit mode panel. Instances are located at tracks folders.
  • M; a PRM named as "M". This type is used for meshes of models (planes, copters, pickups, basketballs...), in other words, objects with movements and physics properties.

Other types of meshes

  • PSM; PRM from PlayStation version.
  • PSW; World File from PlayStation version.
  • XDX; PRM from Xbox version. Also is the World File too.
  • #_vertex.XDX; a complement of World File.

Meshes Collisions file extentions

  • NCP; a "hard" collision file, without physics properties. Is used for walls, floors, big objects... in other words, is used for objects that a common RC Car couldn't push in real life.
  • HUL; a special collision with physics properties (weight, gravity...). This makes it possible move the object with kicks, pushes, etc.
  • COL; old collision file, containing NCP and HUL properties at the same time.[1]

Other types of meshes

These meshes are not related with Re-Volt, but are known by Custom Creators.

  • MAX; 3D Studio Max meshes
  • ASE; ASCII Scene Export, used for track designers to export files to Re-Volt
  • 3DS; 3D Studio, other files used to export meshes
  • LWO; Lightwave Object, this type is rare, only was used to view the car Zebra.
  • SKP; Google Sketchup meshes, track designers don't like this type so much.
  • DAE; Autodesk Collada, used to export SKP files.
  • BLEND; Blender meshes.
  • GMAX; Gmax meshes.


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