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Mc RC is a car exclusive to the McDonald's distribution of the Re-Volt demo, directed to the sponsorship of the McDonald's restaurants chain.


Mc RC is a car made by Joe Groombridge. This car (as well as the McDonald's demo) were possibly made as a marketing strategy to increase the game's popularity after its release. There's no certainty if the demo was really made or released, nor if the car was used at some point.[1]

Mc RC had its body possibly based on Pemto, a car that is not present in any version of the game. Both Pemto and Mc RC shares similarities in the body style, except that Mc RC has a spoiler, being more like Adeon — the car which its parameters was used as base to make Mc RC's[2]. The car stands out among the other demo cars, being the only one that was not based in some standard car and that has a glow-powered engine instead of electric.

Its paintjob was possibly based on a NASCAR race car. Said car was featured in a McDonald's commercial with professional stock car racing driver Bill Elliott.[3] There was also toys and posters of this car available.[4][5]

The revolter RV Passion got the car files with Simon Harrison[6], and after that, shared the car on Re-Volt Zone at October 31, 2017.[7] The demo version, however, is still missing.


According to the version shared by RV Passion at Re-Volt Zone, Mc RC performs much better compared to the other demo cars. Its top speed reaches 32 mph (51 kph), standing at the same position of the demo cars based on Aquasonic and the standard rookies RC Bandit and Col. Moss. However, the car accelerates much better, clocking at 2.92 m/s² (0.66 m/s² of difference between both Game Center and Gamespot). It is the second higher acceleration clocked in the rookie rating being just behind Sprinter XL.

Mc RC's handling feels are very similar to Adeon's, since it originated its parameters. One significant difference (putting speed and acceleration calculations aside) seems to be in the suspension, being Mc RC's softer than Adeon's. Other differences are the center of mass (CoM), wheels' "maxpos", wheels' offsets, AI and the checksum.

Also, the front left wheel has less engine ratio than the other 3. This makes the car pull to the left. This has been fixed in the Re-Volt Zone version released by Passion.[citation needed]

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  1. Excerpt from the email conversation between Joe Groombridge and the revolter Stefano (aka MarraX99). The following was said by Joe after he talked about Ferrari Modena: "I also did a McDonalds car as well...I think our marketing department were looking at different angles to get our game seen and talked about. Most of these ideas never happened but the artwork is still floating about."
  2. The name Adeon is placed at the top of Mc RC's parameters file

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