Luigi Raceway

Luigi Raceway GFX

Author: Gaming4JC
Folder Name: luigiraceway
Soundtrack: Toys for the Boyz.mp3
Length: 283m
Difficulty: Medium
Mirrorable? Yes
Reversable? Yes

Luigi Raceway is an Extreme track created by Gaming4JC made entirely Blender. It was created from Janurary 2010 until March 2010 and is the first track ever exported from Blender using GoofosASEExport for UT.

The track features a custom skymap via a built in cube which uses default bitmaps for it's creation, along with several other custom elements.

LuigiRaceWay Crowd

Screenshot showing the embedded custom skymap and finish line.

The track used some other tools during it's creation including GIMP, Paint.NET, Rvtmod7, RVMinis5, and FastStone Image Resizer.


The track is slick and has some bumps, if your not careful you could slip out in the tunnel or get hit by an opponents weapon.

Global Pulse Location

There are 2 Global Pulse locations. The first one is on the guard rail around the first corner. The second is the corner just outside the tunnel. You will have to use turbo and/or an explosion to reach them.


  • Cut corners as much as possible; be careful not to do it to much or you'll get repositioned.
  • Use global pulse if you need them.

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