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Loaded Chique was the first version of NY 54. It is avaliable only in Re-Volt DEV, and is aimed at the sponsorship of Iguana London. The name "Loaded Chique" also appears in the carinfo.txt of most of the Demos, confirming even more it was planned to be in the place of NY 54.

Overall, Loaded Chique is a complete copy of NY 54 in body styling and looks. Parameters also seems to be the same, therefore the only significant difference is the texture file itself.


Said that Loaded Chique shares the same performance as NY 54, it contains the same descent top speed and heavy feel on its acceleration. Loaded Chique's drivetrain is displayed as a Front-wheel Drive in DEV, but it is actually Rear-wheel Drive, as the same of NY 54.

Additional Information[]

  • Loaded Chique does not have a box art causing its box appears white in the car selection screen.
  • Loaded Chique texture was replaced by the NY 54 painting. However the bitmap is still stored inside the tc5 folder, renamed to 'caror.bmp'.
  • Loaded Chique's parameters were used as base for the creation of Splat's, as seen in the carinfo.txt of the Dreamcast version.
  • IGN have a picture in their website of what apparently seems to be the ancient version of Loaded Chique.[1] Decals positions looks quite different and in the place of the Iguana there was a female figure that vaguely resembles the chicks.prm instance from the Frontend data folder. Both may be related somehow, as "Chick" and "Chique" have the same pronunciation.



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