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Joining by IP is one of the ways to join a multiplayer game in Re-Volt. Most people use RVHouse or one of the other methods mentioned at the Multiplayer category below.

About the Protocol

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and quite simply connects one computer to another.[1] Re-Volt uses the DirectPlay[2] a feature of Microsoft's DirectX to do this.

How to join

  • To join by IP, open Re-Volt & press Start Race. Go to the multiplayer section. Choose TCP/IP and enter the IP Adress you got from the host.
This is a preview of the TCP/IP confiuration

Be sure that you entered the correct IP Adress.

  • Press "Join Game". Re-Volt will now search for the game.
  • If Re-Volt doesn't find the game the first time, press Space and give it some time to search again. If the game doesn't appear after 3-4 searches, then you may contact the host and hear what's going on. If you have found the game, press Enter and write your name and choose your car.

You should now be able to play!

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