Re-Volt Wiki

Instances are the 3D models which you can add to a track via it's own edit mode. This consists of the .prm file type and the .ncp file type for collision data.

About the Edit Mode[]

Instances Edit Mode like all edit modes, must be access from the MAKEITGOOD cheat/developer menu. Once here you can use the Numpad and a few other keys to modify your instances in the game.

Keys Used[]

  • F4 to enter edit mode.
  • Insert to insert instances (.prm)
  • Numpad (plus)+ and (minus)- to cycle through available instances.
  • Numpad 1-9 to rotate the model.
  • P, [, and ] to increase RGB.
  • ;, '', and #' keys to decrease RGB.
  • Minus (-) & Equals (=) to increase/decrease LOD.
  • Slash (/) & Star (*) keys to increase/decrease priority.
  • Ctrl+F4 to save changes.

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