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Iguana Entertainment, was a video game developer lasting from 1991-2004.

Original Iguana Logo from the California group

The company was first incorporated as "Iguana USA"in Sunnyvale, California on August 14, 1991 by Jeff and Beth Spangenberg, and later Iguana Entertainment Ltd.(Iguana UK) once they purchased Optimus.

Subsidiaries And Changes

  • In September 1993, Iguana Entertainment moved to Austin, Texas, becoming Austin's second-largest developer of computer games.
Iguana London.png
  • In 1993 Iguana Entertainment acquired Optimus Software, a company created in 1988 by Darren and Jason Falcus, and renamed it to Iguana UK.

Acclaim "Iguana" Studios London (Most likely AST's new LOGO)

  • In 1995, owners Jeff and Beth Spangenberg sold Iguana Entertainment to its largest customer, Acclaim Entertainment for $25MM ($13MM cash, the balance in Acclaim Entertainment stock) under the stipulation that Iguana Entertainment would retain its own independence; in the following years, the two Iguana studios became Acclaim Studios Austin and Acclaim Studios Teesside (AST). (This was more than likely stealing Iguana's Independence)

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