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Grand Prix was another track that did not become part of the game's final cut. This track is mentioned in the leveldat.ccp file, found in the game's source code. It is the last track in the list, and was described by a comment line that said "Grand Prix (urrrgh.. you said.. 'Grand')". The track was actually named Prix 01, and its directory name was prix01.[1] As the name implies, it was probably shaped like a Formula 1 track.

Variations from the source code[]


TEST250.MAX top view.

Two tracks similar to those used in Formula 1 races were found in the game's source code, both inside the RV_MESHES folder. The first one is a mesh file called NO1.MAX, and the second was inside a subfolder called TEST. This subfolder contains multiple mesh files of the track, unlike the NO1 variation which is a single file. There are 52 files in total, all of them numbered by creation order. That is, the lower the number is, more incomplete is the track.

In both variations, once a .MAX file is opened with 3ds Max it displays a pop-up message which warn the user about some missing raster graphics files:

For NO1.MAX:


For TEST250.MAX:


The files directories implies that Simon Harrison was the one who build Grand Prix. None of the raster graphics files were found, but the thumbnail image of some .MAX files shows that they contained asphalt and grass textures, among with red/white colors used for the track borders.[2]

No1 prix

NO1.MAX top view.

The whole track in both variations are splitted into pieces, all placed together to form the circuit layout, resembling how lego tracks are made in the Re-Volt's Track Editor.

The most notable difference between the two variations is the course layout, as the TEST variation seems simpler than the NO1's. Both variations share similar sections, like straight routes, large curves, a chicane route, S-curves and a narrow bridge.

References and Notes[]

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