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Garden Battle is a battle track created by Acclaim Studios London. It is exclusively used for the Battle Tag mode. Garden Battle is the arena variant of Botanical Garden, with the stage consisting of many garden and nature fields. There are also a multitude of steep inclines and ramps, a notable characteristic shared with the Botanical Garden series of tracks.

Garden Battle is the only battle track available in the PlayStation version of the game.

Course Layout[]

Garden Battle is a symmetric arena. Its general layout is a square. Combatants start at the middle of a wide stone path. There are four sections of the stone paths, all of which intersect with each other to form a cross. At the center of the cross is a large and steep structure, which appears to be a dry fountain. The dry fountain is a central and common spot to grab Pickups.

On each quadrant of the cross the stone path creates, there are four cells of garden fields, enclosed by a elevated square made out of cobblestone. It is possible for vehicles to roam around the cells. The terrain inside the quadrants are filled with grass.

Combatants can weave through the quadrant and stone path areas (and vice versa) by using the ramps located on the columns that act as a border between these two areas, or by driving through its perimeter.


The cobblestone garden fields can cause its surrounding path to become narrow. Coupled with the fact that there are four of them in each quadrant as well as the slippery grassy terrain, it can be difficult not to collide with those fields.

When utilizing the ramps, combatants must align the angle of the vehicles correctly, otherwise they may collide with the garden fields just before they land. Another problem encountered by these ramps is that it is possible to collide on the side of these ramps if one is not careful. This problem becomes apparent due to the narrowness in the quadrants.

Finally, the inclines of the dry fountain is very steep. This can disrupt the trajectory of various vehicles. Fortunately, the dry fountain also has ramps of decreased gradient, this should be utilized instead. Overall, although many obstacles exist in Garden Battle, its symmetrical and concise layout makes it easier to be wary of these obstacles than other battle tracks.


Because of its maze-like layout, matches in Garden Battle are more about mindgames and testing one's mental strength rather than the emphasis in its obstacles. The cobblestone squares can easily obstruct the vehicles from other players. Furthermore, combatants can easily use the reposition button to launch their vehicles onto these squares, making stealing the stars from others very excruciating. As a result, these areas are effective in evading others.

Due to the steepness of the dry fountain, grabbing Pickups there can be quite a nuisance. Alternatively, it is recommended to take Pickups near the quadrant areas. Finally, it is also a good idea to move from one quadrant to another, as in a match with multiple players, the one with the star may eventually become surrounded if they hang in one quadrant for too long. By alternating between quadrants, this can potentially switch up the momentum and confuse opposing combatants.

Star Locations[]

There are four possible locations of the Star.

Located on the stone path, directly in front of the starting position.

Located on the narrow stone path, directly north-west of the starting position.

Located on the narrow stone path, directly north-east of the starting position.

Located on the far bottom-right corner of the arena. From the starting position, perform a U-turn. At the very end of the path, turn left. The star is about 37 meters from there in front.


  • Garden Battle, along with Toytanic 2, are the only stock tracks where the PlayStation version has different Redbook indexes to other renditions of the game.


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