Game Saves are the files and/or registry modifications which the game looks for in order to restore them on the programs next run. Re-Volt Game Saves are stored in the Memory Card on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, the VMU or Memory Card on DreamCast, and Windows Registry (regedit.exe) on the Windows version, or the user's profile (from the game's directory) if it's patched with RVGL or Re-Volt 1.2. One can also use game saves to load the completed version of the game for testing purposes via a game save device or through emulators.

Game Saves download links

  • 9x/ XP PC (registry Key insertion for Windows XP and prior users. Does not work on Windows Vista unless if Re-Volt is ran as administrator).
  • RVGL Profile (completed game for RVGL).
  • DreamCast (various formats: .SAV, .VMI, .VMS, and .DCI (For Nexus)).
  • N64 (DexDrive Format).
  • Playstation (ePSXe and DexDrive format).
  • PSP (works with PopsLoader, simply needs PSX ID as foldername to work).

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