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9th page of Re-Volt Gallery (RVGL).

The Gallery is a game menu that contains artworks and sketches from the game's development time. It can be found at the game's options menu and has a total of 42 pictures, with 10 more additional pictures in the Dreamcast version (later included in RVGL). Some of these pictures are also used in the loading screens of Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer.

Each gallery page is split into four 256x256 bitmap files stored in the 'gallery' folder at the game's directory. During the game, the four pieces get together forming the complete page. Files of the gallery are named as Lib1a, Lib1b, and so on, being the number the one that represents the page order, and the letters the page's piece.

Paul Phippen is one known author of the sketches.

Gallery pictures

Dreamcast additional images