Foj 02p is a Acclaim Lego track exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game. Part of Acclaim Set 1, this track is a symmetrical circuit featuring two crossroad intersections.

Course Layout

Racers begin on a rather long straight carpeted road. Right ahead is a right 180 degree turn leading into a downhill slope. A crossroad can be seen in the middle of this slope. There is a right 90 degree turn at the end of the slope, which is immediately followed by the same turn. An uphill ramp followed by a round right corner connects the crossroad seen earlier, and from there, is a another straight, albeit shorter with yet another cross road.

From there, it becomes obvious that the track is symmetrical and as such, on the second half of the track racers will follow the same racing line as they had on the first half of the track, but now in reverse.

After climbing up the uphill slope connected by the second crossroad, there is a wide right turn leading to the perimeter of the track. A long straight ensues, which is abruptly ended by a hump and a tight right square corner. The road from there is quite bumpy, however it follows into a straight line. Unlike the other section which is made out of carpet, this section is entirely made out of wood.

At the end of this section is a right turn leading back into the carpeted area. As the track is symmetrical, the right turn leads into a slight uphill path resulting back onto the start line.


The most notable form of hazard this track is the bump that resides just before the corner on the downhill path completely adjacent to the starting line. The downhill path will cause the vehicles to run at an excessive speed, and if they do not brake, they may fly over the right corner and hit the boundaries of the track. As such, it is advised to slow down when approaching this corner.


Compared to other Acclaim Lego tracks, Foj 02p is quite complex, featuring many tight corners. As a result high accelerating cars such as Adeon or Humma are recommended for this track as they can navigate through these corners quite easily. They also have an easier time at the wooden bumpy section, which can give those vehicles a huge advantage as that section is placed near the end of the starting line.