Foj 01p is a Acclaim Lego track exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game. Part of Acclaim Set 1, this track is a circular-like track featuring small increments in elevation.

Course Layout

Racers begin on the start line, where ahead of them is a right turn. A straightaway lies ahead with a small increase in elevation seen at the end of this straight, which immediately follows into another right turn. A dip-like straight is seen after this turn, involving a sharp decrease in elevation followed by an increase of the same increment in quick succession. A right turn ensues just after the end of the dip, which follows into the next straight. This straight has a small decrease in elevation to compensate for the increase seen after the first turn. After this, there is a final right turn, looping back to the start line.


For fast and powerful vehicles such as SNW 35, players should be wary at the third corner. The end of the dip is quite sharp, potentially causing such vehicles to fly over the track and crash into the track's boundaries or the outside barrier of the third round corner. As such, it is advised to slow down before approaching this corner. Aside from this, Foj 01p does not have any significant obstacles due to its relatively simplistic nature.


As Foj 01p only has four wide, round corners and straightaways of moderate length, vehicles with high top speed such as Purp XL are appreciated. Although it does not have an excellent top speed, RG1 is also worth mentioning, as its handling is also suitable for the corners which lie at the end of these straightaways. It is also highly unlikely for the vehicle to fly over the dip thanks to its mediocre top speed and respectable, but not overly spectacular, acceleration.