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First Spring Morning

First Spring Morning logo.

Author: Gaming4JC and EMW
Folder Name: first_spring
Soundtrack: FSM_BGM.mp3
Length: 1330m
Difficulty: Medium
Mirrorable? Yes
Reversable? Yes

First Spring Morning codename FSM is a track created by Gaming4JC and EMW that is entirely Full Custom. It was created from March 2008 until April 2009 and is one of the first tracks made entirely with freeware programs. The idea and the ice cream cone model was composed by EMW. Gaming4JC did most of the other elements in the track.

The track features custom mp3, custom animated models, custom sound effects, and custom loading bitmaps among other things.

First Spring Morning, woods beyond the castle.

First Spring Morning, the log cabin turn.

The track used various tools in it's creation including Zmodeler, Blender, GIMP, Paint.NET, Rvtmod7, ChaosRVTools, RVMinis5, and countless others.

The track is packaged using Toybox compression and auto-installer. It also needs Phoenix R3 to have the Full Custom experience.


Pine cones are throughout the woodland area. Be careful not to hit one or you can loose precious time. Rocks and other items are scattered around the edges of the main path, be careful not to stray off and hit them.

Global Pulse Location

There are 2 Global Pulse locations. The first one is found in the flowers on the left just past the bear and the bees. The second is inside the well, use the ramp to get into it.

Practice Star Location

The Practice star is located on top the Wagon in the center of the first circle on the track.


  • Cut corners as much as possible; be careful not to do it to much or you'll get repositioned.
  • Use global pulse if you need them.

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