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Clockwork or Clockwork Wun (as named in Dreamcast version of Re-Volt) is the first of clockworks in the game. This car, as well as Clockwork Too and Clockwork Tree, are used as a piece of scenery of the Frontend, specifically in the Options menu.

Through CARNIVAL, the vehicle is also available as a playable car in the PC and DC versions. It is also playable in the PlayStation version, albeit only in Clockwork Carnage mode, where this car is used instead of Clockwork.


Clockwork Wun is used as one of the vehicles on the circular round table in the Frontend, along with Clockwork Too and Tree. This circular round table can be seen in the Options menu. All three vehicles roam around the table, frequently driving around the circumference of the platform, as well as colliding against other clockwork cars. These occur to serve as an 'eye-catcher' for the players, most likely from the tedious procedure of adjusting settings within the game.


As a 4WD configured Electric-powered playable car, Clockwork Wun does not have much to offer. Its top speed is quite low, peaking at only 29 mph (46 kph). Its acceleration is also fairly lackluster, reaching its unremarkable top speed by only 1.35 m/s². As such, Clockwork Wun is quite sluggish despite its classification in the Pro rating. Handling is acceptable, but its most definitive flaw is its stability. The vehicle loses control upon entering sharp inclines due to its small size and wheelbase.

Clockwork Wun has much more power in terms of both top speed and acceleration in the PlayStation version, as it is used for the Clockwork Carnage mode. Here, its performance is very similar to Clockwork in other versions.

Additional Information[]

  • This car was unplayable in any of the Re-Volt demos, without using the box-swap trick or copying the cars data folder and renaming it accordingly.
  • This car had the same name of Clockwork (used in Clockwork Carnage), except in the Dreamcast Version where it's called 'Clockwork Wun'.
  • This car is named 'Cockwork' in DEV Version of the game.



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