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In-game screenshot of Clockworks, during a race.

Clockwork Carnage is a special Re-Volt playmode which can be described as a Single Race with 30 clockwork cars. To get access to it, all the 20 stars in the Stunt Arena mode must be collected.

All the cars present in this mode are clones of the Clockwork car and only differs by the individual color that each car has. A color is given randomly for the player and can't be chosen. The same goes to the number of Clockworks on a race that can't be increased nor decreased.

Opponents' names[]

The names of the Clockworks are possibly "nicknames" of certain persons of the development team, except that with the player's name. The nicknames are as follows:

  • Berb
  • Big Mike
  • Big Rich
  • Bliz
  • CT Baynes (Nick Baynes)
  • Def Stef
  • Doc C
  • Eggy
  • Eoin (Eoin Rogan)
  • Fodge
  • Fungus
  • Gaztastic (Gari 'Gazza' Biasillo)
  • Goombah (Joe Groombridge)
  • Gregm (Greg Modern)
  • J (Jay Capozello)
  • Jimlad
  • Kev
  • Matt DC (Matt Tracey)
  • New York Jez
  • Nutnut (Nick 'NutNut' McGee)
  • Pab (Pablo Toledo)
  • Rippance
  • Roland
  • Shehad (Shahid Malik)
  • Super Turk
  • Traf (Jon Trafford)
  • Tri Si
  • Twan'Mobile
  • Zed


  • The Dreamcast Version and the Android version of RVGL only loads 20 Clockwork cars for a race.
  • The PlayStation Version only loads 4 cars, and instead of the usual Clockwork, the green Clockwork (also known as Clockwork Wun) is the one used for the race. Colors also do not vary as in the other versions, being the default green color used for all the cars.

Clockwork Carnage mod[]

The Box-swap trick enables the player to add different cars to this playmode. It is preferable that the white color is predominant in the car that is going to replace it, since white clarify better the colors given by the game.

WolfR4 enables the increase of cars quantity in the Single Race mode to 30, being possible to choose any car to do a carnage without using the Box-swap trick. However, all the colors are going to be the same (as in the PlayStation Version).