'Chaos Tools' is a pack of programs made by Chaos for Re-Volt modifications that includes:

  • RV-Remap: for remapping instances / car models;
  • RV-Count: for counting the polygons of a mesh/object;
  • RV-Dblsd: for making all faces of a model visible on both sides (double-sided);
  • RV-Sizer: for resizing models by X, Y, or Z axles.

Those tools are 16-bit, made using Turbo Pascal 3.1. As expected, they are command-line interface and can't work on x64 based Operating Systems without 16-bits emulation. However, it works on x86 (32-bits) based OS since they already have 16-bits emulation.[1]

A clone project named "PRM" is able to do all the features of Chaos tools and is available for 32-bits and 64-bits processors.


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