Championship is another Re-Volt playmode. It is responsible for unlocking tracks (not mirrored either reversed) and cars. It's composed of 4 cups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each cup have an amount of tracks that the player needs to race in and qualify until reach the last track in the cup. For each race, the third place or higher is required to be qualified and progress.

The competition consists in a system of accumulation of points. A determined ammount of points are collected according to the race results, being the first place who wins more points while cars bellow the 6th position wins nothing. Points are added during the progress of the championship and registered in a table showed in the end of each race. The player needs to arrive the top of this table to fully win the championship. Is possible to win by arriving the second or third places too, but no cars or tracks will be unlocked and the Progress Table will not change.


The championship mode has a feature similar to the video games' lifes, which is the Give Up Try. The player starts with three tries, having the option to use a try to restart the race if needed. Tries are automatically used when the 4th place or lower is arrived. When all the tries are over and the player doesn't arrive the 3th place or higher, the championship is lost.

A cutscene is shown in the end of the cups: The first three places (of the points table) are positioned in the Frontend's Podium where they celebrate their victory. When the player loses a cup (for spanding all the tries or arriving lower places than 3th), his/her car is thrown on the floor with the Bomb pickup activated, then explodes.

Finishing the championship with the highest number of points will give the player two cars in the boxes stack and tracks from the next cup. By winning the Platinum cup, the player will unlock two more cars and will be crowned Re-Volt Master.

Re-Volt Credits is shown when the Platinum cup is fully completed.



The championship cups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Bronze Cup

For Rookie cars, in easy tracks:

  1. Toys in the Hood 1 - 3 laps
  2. Supermarket 2 - 4 laps
  3. Museum 2 - 3 laps
  4. Botanical Garden - 5 laps

After winning the cup, the cars RC San and Candy Pebbles will be unlocked, and also the tracks Toy World 1, Ghost Town 1 and Toy World 2.

Silver Cup

For Amateur and Advanced cars, in medium tracks:

  1. Toy World 1 - 6 laps
  2. Toys in the Hood 1 Mirrored - 4 laps
  3. Ghost Town 1 - 4 laps
  4. Toy World 2 - 4 laps

After winning the cup, the cars Evil Weasel and Panga TC will be unlocked, and also the tracks Toys in the Hood 2, Toytanic 1 and Museum 1.

Gold Cup

For Advanced and Semi-Pro cars, in hard tracks:

  1. Toys in the Hood 2 - 5 laps
  2. Toy World 1 Mirrored - 8 laps
  3. Toytanic 1 - 5 laps
  4. Museum 1 - 5 laps

After winning the cup, the cars Pest Control and Adeon will be unlocked, and also the tracks Supermarket 1, Ghost Town 2 and Toytanic 2.

Platinum Cup (Special)

For Semi-Pro and Pro cars, in extreme tracks:

  1. Supermarket 1 - 6 laps
  2. Ghost Town 2 - 6 laps
  3. Toy World 1 Reversed Mirrored - 10 laps
  4. Museum 1 Mirrored - 6 laps
  5. Toytanic 2 - 6 laps

After winning the cup, the cars Cougar and Humma will be unlocked, and the player will be crowned Re-Volt Master.


  • Win single races and collect stars in Practice mode at unlocked tracks, before playing the Championship. It will unlock better cars, and it will be easier to complete the cups.
  • Try winning only using speed, by disabling Pickups in the game settings.

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