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Touring cars (TC) are heavily modified road-going cars used in motorsport road racing competitions.[1] Re-Volt have twelve cars which folders in the Windows and Dreamcast versions are titled with "tc" followed by a number. This do not apply to the Playstation version where these cars do not have "tc" in their folder names.

Six of the touring cars are exclusive to the Dreamcast and Playstation versions of Re-Volt. These cars only have unique folders in the Dreamcast version, because in the Playstation version their files are stored inside the folders of their correspondent counterparts (for example, RG1 files are inside Zipper's folder).

Below are two tables with the folder names and their corresponding cars:

Windows touring cars
tc1 tc2 tc3 tc4 tc5 tc6
Zipper Panga TC Pest Control Aquasonic NY 54 Sprinter XL
Dreamcast touring cars
TC7 TC8 TC9 TC10 TC11 TC12
RG1 Shocker Groovster Matra XL Splat LA 54

Since the game have more cars with body styles based on road-going cars, it is unknown why only these had "tc" on their folder names, but there are a few guesses for that. The numbering could indicate the creation date of the cars (Zipper could have been made first). The reason that none of them have names or nicknames on their folders is probably because there was no definitive name for them yet, creating at first models of touring cars, then creating a skin for them, then finally giving a name based on the skin (does not apply for few cars though).


  • In the Playstation version, these cars got their quality reduced to fit the hardware limitations (for instance, the reduction of polycount or remotion of spoilers). Still, some designs are too different (for example Panga TC and Aquasonic decals).

Correspondence of TC folders.

  • In 2013, StrixMidnight did a redesign of the skins of the Dreamcast version of the touring cars (including also the other Dreamcast exclusive cars)[2], giving them a far better quality from the original ones.
  • Since 16.0920a update, RVGL developer implemented support for the Dreamcast version of the touring cars, being now possible to have these cars in the boxes stack as well as the others Dreamcast exclusive cars.


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