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The Special Cars are the ones used by the game for different purposes of the others unlockable via the playmodes. They are used as a piece of scenery or for very unique events and situations. They are purposely hidden and unselectable (even by the CPU), being necessary the use of cheat codes or modification in the game files to select them. There is a total of seven special cars.


Default carbox of special cars.

Special cars have their statistics hidden (filled with question marks), and none of them have a box art. Instead of it, they use a default one which is also used for demo and custom cars — a car covered by a white sheet in front of a red question marks background.

List of cars[]

Below is the list of special cars, with their respective class, rating and performance data.

Box Art Class Rating Speed (mph) Acc (m/s²) Mass (kg) Trans
Special Special Pro 28 0.96 4 RWD
Special Electric Pro 29 1.35 1.2 4WD
Special Electric Pro 29 1.35 1.2 4WD
Special Electric Pro 29 1.35 1.2 4WD
Special Electric (clockwork sound) Pro 42 2.52 1.2 4WD
Ufo arcade box art Special (UFO sound) Pro 42 5.22 1 4WD
Mystery arcade box art Electric Amateur 34 2.37 1.4 RWD

Probe UFO and Mystery carboxes are from the Arcade version of Re-Volt. The remaining carboxes were by the fan RV Passion, and aren't official.

A complete table with all the known cars can be found at the page List of Re-Volt cars.


PC and Dreamcast versions have all of them. The PlayStation only have the three first clockworks. The Nintendo 64 also have these three, plus Trolley.

The Arcade port only have Mystery and Probe UFO. These two are also present in Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer.


The unlock methods varies a bit. In the PC and Dreamcast versions, all of them can be unlocked with CARNIVAL, but Trolley may need some changes in the files (information can be found here). URCO unlocks only Probe UFO.

The fourth Clockwork is the only special car used for racing. However, the only way to use it is through the Clockwork Carnage, the playmode it was made for (except in the PlayStation port where the first clockwork is used instead). This game mode will give the player a random color for the car, but when the car is selected in the car selection screen with CARNIVAL or modding, the only color available is white, the default color.

The standard cars Rotor and Panga were treated by the creators as special cars[1], hence they can't be selected by the CPU but only by the player. These are more like bonus cars, being possible to unlock both via the playmodes. CPU can select them in Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer.[citation needed]

Mystery and Probe UFO are selectable in the Arcade port and in the Re-Volt sequels Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer, and is possible to unlock them without the involvement of cheats or modding, similar to the function of Rotor and Panga.

References and notes[]

  1. In the carinfo.txt of the older demos, the sentence #WILL BE SPECIAL is in the top of both cars parameters.

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