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The term Re-Volt Tools includes any application that is designed to create, modify, and otherwise enhance the old R/C game by Acclaim called "Re-Volt".

Popular Tools

3D Program Plugins:

  • Acclaim's official PRM export Plugin for 3dsMax 2.5 and 3.
  • ASE Export for gmax - Can be used with ASETOOLS.
  • ASE Export for Blender - Can be used with ASETOOLS.
  • R3-DCP - A car fast 3D previewer.

Model and Track Creation:

  • RVTMod7 - OpenSource Tool by Ali which includes popular ASETOOLS and RVGlue.
  • ChaosRVTools - Various mini purpose tools for editing prms by Chaos.
  • RVMinis5 - A few mini Tools by Ali to modify prms and a few other filetypes.
  • Texture Mesh Viewer for Re-Volt - Shows UVMapping of prms and models.
  • Re-Volt Tool Box by JimK - Tons of options and mini tools all in one program.
  • Re-Volt Track Tool - Aids in editing Parameters.txt of Re-Volt Tracks.
  • TrackMK+GUI - Creates custom Lego-Like 3d models for creating Extreme tracks.
  • Rv-Glue GUI - It's a total Graphic user interface for making Rv Glue Custom Script created by MrT

Game Enhancements:

  • Phoenix R3 - Program to raise the Re-volt experience to levels never seen.
  • GameSpy Arcade - A secure program to play online games with Re-volt. Has ads, but they can be turned off.
  • RVHouse - A Multiplayer P2P Game Lobby for Re-Volt.
  • Re-VoltX Loader - Tool that shows many hidden command lines in Re-Volt.
  • Sky Map Manager - Manages custom Skymaps.
  • SkyMap Viewer - It's a program for mananging skymaps for Re-Volt created by KayTheFalcon
  • Re-Volt Organizer - Organizes cars and tracks.
  • _inmm.dll - Used to patch 1207 and other versions so BackgroundMusic will play.
  • Re-Volt eXtender - Re-Volt Extender allows to:
- have multiple users of the game on the same computer,   - select and unselect cups, races, time trials and stars,   - visualize which cars are available on your current game,   - specify the command line arguments used to run Re-Volt,   - keep tracks of your progress.

PRM Kits:

  • JimK's OffRoadKit
  • JimK's Nhood1+House Kit
  • Re-Ville's PRM Kit
  • Museum PRM Pack
  • PetroVolt's PRM Pack

Most all of these can be downloaded from the Legal eMule ContentDatabase as well.[1]

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