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JG cars refers to the cars of the Dreamcast version which have their folders titled with "JG" followed by the car's name. The guess is that JG stands for Joe Groombridge, member of the Re-Volt Team who worked in the cars design. There are a total of six cars that have these folders.

This do not happens in the Playstation version, where the files of these cars are stored in the folders of their corresponding counterpart (for example, Purp XL data is stored inside Toyeca's folder).

Below is a list with all the JG folders:


  • In the Playstation version, these cars got their quality reduced to fit the hardware limitations (for instance, the reduction of polycount or remotion of spoilers). Still, some designs are too different (for example SNW 35 rims and Fulon X body style and colors).

Correspondence of JG folders.

  • The alphabetical ordering of the folders of the Dreamcast JG cars curiously corresponds those of their standard counterparts. For example: Adeon corresponds to JG-7 (adeon, JG1JG7), AMW corresponds to Fulon X (amw, JG2FULONX), Cougar corresponds to RV Loco (cougar, JG3LOCO), and so on.
  • In 2013, StrixMidnight did a redesign of the skins of the Dreamcast version of the JG cars (including also the other Dreamcast exclusive cars)[1], giving them a far better quality from the original ones.
  • Since 16.0920a update, RVGL developer implemented support for the Dreamcast version of the JG cars, being now possible to have these cars in the boxes stack as well as the others Dreamcast exclusive cars.


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