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A Demo Car is any car that was exclusive for some demo version, that is, a car that isn't present in no other Re-Volt version except by the demo where it belongs to. These cars were made for sponsorship, with the advertisement aimed to the company or industry that promotes the game or distributes the demo. For instance, GameSpot distributed the demo v0.01gamespot, and the demo car this demo has is called Gamespot.

Demo car selection

Acclaim car being selected in v0.01acclaim demo.

Demo cars are extra cars in the boxes stack. They usually replace the box of Humma or just appear after the Panga box (where special and custom cars are located in the car selection screen). Their box art is the default one that is used for custom and special cars, which is a car covered with a white sheet with red question marks at the background. They are never selected by the CPU and are usually electric-powered rookies, since the only rating available in the demos is the rookie.

The creators used the models of existing cars to made the demo cars, only adding a new paintjob and changing parameters data. Most of them uses Humma or Aquasonic models.

These cars were part of the strategy of the game marketing department. They were made to attract the public or companies and make them interested in promoting the game. Not all of the ideas were successful though.[1]

Even though cars like Sprinter XL and RC Bandit are selectable in demos, they're not considered demo cars because they are not exclusive to some demo.

List of cars[]

Below is the list of the known demo cars, with their respective class, rating and performance data.

Box Art Class Rating Speed (mph) Acc (m/s²) Mass (kg) Trans
Acclaim Electric Rookie 31 1.94 1.4 4WD
CGW Electric Rookie 30 1.92 1.4 4WD
Gamecenter passion boxart Electric Rookie 32 2.26 1.8 4WD
Gamespot Electric Rookie 32 2.26 1.8 4WD
IGN PC Electric Rookie 31 1.94 1.4 4WD
Mc RC Passion box art Glow Rookie 32 2.92 1.2 4WD
PC Gamer Electric Rookie 30 1.92 1.4 4WD
PC Accelerator Electric Pro 32 2.26 1.8 4WD
Riva TNT2 Electric Pro 32 2.26 1.8 4WD

These carboxes are by the fan RV Passion, and aren't official.

A complete table with all the known cars can be found at the page List of Re-Volt cars.

Companies and industries[]

Below is a table of companies or any industry of sort that had sponsored cars made for.

Company Car Demo
Acclaim Acclaim v0.01acclaim
CNET Gamecenter Game Center v0.01gamecenter
GameSpot Gamespot v0.01gamespot
Computer Gaming World CGW v0.01cgw
IGN IGN PC v0.01ign.pc
McDonald's Mc RC Unknown
PC Accelerator PC XL8 R v0.01pcxl
PC Gamer PC Gamer v0.01pcgamer
Nvidia Riva TNT2 V0.01nvidia

The list below shows some possibilities (but weren't confirmed yet).[2]

Company Car Demo
Electronic Entertainment Expo Unknown v0.01e3
Creative Labs Unknown v0.01creativelabs
Ziff Davis Unknown v0.01ziffdavies

References and notes[]

  1. Excerpts of Joe Groombridge reply to the email of the revolter Stefano: "I think our marketing department were looking at different angles to get our game seen and talked about. Most of these ideas never happened but the artwork is still floating about. [...] I was asked to do some alternative skins for existing cars that were tie-ins with gaming magazines to try to get them excited about the game."

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