Custom Tracks are those tracks which are created by ordinary users. They come in several different types. Here they are listed.


A track's type can be one of the following.

  • Lego: Those created using Re-Volt's internal track editor , sometimes comes with modified bitmaps (.bmp).
  • Lego Extreme: Those created using Re-Volt's internal track editor with heavy modification (textures, objects (instances/models), a surface created outside rveditor etc...).
  • Extreme: Those created using a 3D editor generally, and sometimes using ripping/pasting some instances.
  • Repaint: Refers to those using ripping/modifying the bmps of an existed track. (most people dislike this type.)
  • Full Custom: A track that comes with custom things; models, sounds, graphics, skymaps etc... a lot like stock in quality.
  • Stunt Arena: A track in which you must collect all the stars.
  • Battle Tag: A multiplayer track type designed for battle.
  • Frontend: Designed to replace the default entrance of room Re-Volt.

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