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The Console Cars (mostly known as Dreamcast Cars or DC Cars) are the ones that are present in the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions, but are not in the Nintendo 64 and Windows versions. Years later they were also added to WeGo Interactive games and ports. There is fourteen console cars in total.

Almost all console cars are merely repaints of the standard ones (even though they have some UV map adjustments), BigVolt and BossVolt being the only ones that have an original body style.

List of cars[]

Below is the list of console cars, with their respective class, rating, unlock methods and performance data.

Box Art Class Rating Speed (mph) Acc (m/s²) Mass (kg) Trans Unlock mode
Bigvolt Electric Rookie 32 2.32 2.3 4WD Available from start
Bossvolt Electric Advanced 34 2.16 3.5 4WD Silver Cup
Rc Electric Amateur 30 2.25 1.6 FWD Time Trial in Easy tracks
La54 Electric Amateur 32 2.48 1.2 4WD Time Trial in Easy tracks
Mtxl Glow Amateur 34 2.09 1.4 RWD Time Trial in Easy tracks
Shocker Glow Advanced 35 2.09 1.8 RWD Time Trial in Medium tracks
Splat Glow Advanced 33 1.6 1.6 RWD Time Trial in Medium tracks
Groovster Glow Advanced 34 1.65 2 RWD Time Trial in Medium tracks
Jg7 Glow Semi-Pro 36 2.72 1.2 4WD Time Trial in Hard tracks
Rg1 Glow Semi-Pro 36 2.78 1.4 4WD Time Trial in Hard tracks
Rvloco Glow Semi-Pro 46 2.06 2.25 FWD Time Trial in Hard tracks
Snw35 Glow Pro 40 4.38 1.5 4WD Time Trial in Extreme tracks
Purpxl Glow Pro 42 3.17 2 4WD Time Trial in Extreme tracks
Fulonx Glow Pro 38 2.04 1.2 RWD Time Trial in Extreme tracks

A complete table with all the known cars can be found at the page List of Re-Volt cars.


The only versions that have all of the console cars are the Dreamcast, iOS, Smart TV and Android. The PlayStation version does not have BigVolt and BossVolt.

Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer do not have Shocker, Groovster, RG1, SNW 35, and Purp XL. Three cars were included as alternative skins of others, being them RC (Volken Turbo skin), RV Loco (Cougar skin) and LA 54 (Sprinter skin, alias Sprinter XL). Some were slightly changed.

PC conversion[]

Converting cars from Dreamcast to Windows is not too complicated, as the files and formats are almost the same. Owning the original Dreamcast disk and a folder browser software, files with the .prm extension can just be moved to a folder in the PC cars directory. Parameters should be taken from the carinfo.txt, and textures need a .PVR reader such as PVR Viewer so that they can be converted to .bmp.

The first conversion pack released ever was one by Bonz, which was lost during the Re-Volt Zone transition at 2013. Another, more faithful version, was released by Re-Volt Live members, and still can be find in the site.

Since 16.0920a update, RVGL developer implemented a support for "Dreamcast content", also provided all the cars and Rooftops in an optional separated download which is available at the RVGL website.

Back in 2013, the Revolter StrixMidnight did a redesign of the dreamcast cars skins[1] giving them a far better quality from the original ones. These skins were included in RVGL as well, at 2016.[citation needed]

The PlayStation version uses .psm format for meshes, which no one figured out how to convert by far. The interest in conversion of PS1 cars is mainly directed to Fulon X, which has a totally different paintjob and body style from Dreamcast. For now only bitmaps can be converted.[2]


  • Cars in the Playstation version had their qualities reduced to fit the hardware limitations (for instance, the reduction of number of polygons, or the fact that cars had their spoilers removed). Still, some designs are too different (Fulon X paintjob, SNW 35 rims, Panga TC decals, etc.).
  • The folders numbering/ordering of the Dreamcast "touring cars" (tc) curiously corresponds those of their standard counterparts. For example: Zipper corresponds to RG1 (tc1, TC7), Panga TC corresponds to Shocker (tc2, TC8), Pest Control corresponds to Groovster (tc3, TC9), and so on.
  • The same goes to the "JG" cars: Adeon and JG-7 (adeon, JG1JG7), AMW and Fulon X (amw, JG2FULONX), Cougar and RV Loco (cougar, JG3LOCO), and so on.
  • "JG" in the Dreamcast folders possibly refers to Joe Groombridge, member of the Re-Volt Team who worked in the cars design.
  • In the Playstation version, the console cars files are stored in the folders of their corresponding standard counterparts. For example: Purp XL files are located in Toyeca's folder, etc.

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