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Clockworks (also called as wincars or wind-up cars) are small cars which is needed to turn their spin/key for powering them.

In Re-Volt, those cars are multicolored and relatively small, and can be found and played through Clockwork Carnage, and can be seen in Options menu in Frontend.

Clockworks are also called "Key Cars", as seen inside their individual Parameters.txt. They also uses an unique engine sound (clockwrk.wav), except for the ones in Frontend.

Earlier Re-Volt concepts includes clockworks as they could be found in gallery.

Original sketch of Clockworks, in a representation of what would be the Training mode.

Standard clockworks

In Re-Volt, there are 4 clockwork cars available.

The first three (Clockwork/Clockwork Wun (green), Clockwork Too (yellow) and Clockwork Tree (red)) are the ones in Frontend, which the main purpose of use can be for testing video settings without enter a race so see the results. As for the fourth named Clockwork (white) is the one that's colored inside the game and used in the Clockwork Carnage, except for the PlayStation version where the first clockwork (green) is the one used for this playmode.

There are more downloadable clockworks which were made by fans, being the most from the twin creators RV_Pure and RV_Passion.

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