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Car::Load splash screen

Car::Load was intended to be a full car editor. For now only main, handling and body infos are editable. This project started as a fork from nVolt on August'15th 2010, licensed as freeware, sponsored by Revolt Live community..
The program was designed and programmed by Kfalcon, along with Burner94 and Zipperrulez (icons by Oxygen (KDE) and Crystal teams).

As of 2013, this program is no longer maintained and it's no longer being developed. As by December 2013, Car::Load has been superseded by Rv Car Studio.

This program has a lot of forks and cooperated with many programs such as Car Managed::Reload and Car::Load RVZ.

Current features

Car load v184

Car::Load v1.8.4

  • Different rendering ways: Solid, Wireframe, Points and Ghost.
  • Different rendering engines: Dx8, Dx9, OpenGL, software 1 and software 2.
  • Graphic/Application's Windows modifications.
  • GUI for shading, Opacity, Sizing and double siding/Single siding.
  • Toggling car parts.
  • Toggling rendering parts.
  • Animation (wheels, spinners, Car spinning).
  • Capability to take Screenshots.
  • Informations.
  • Refresh car parameters.
  • Car slideshow.
  • Parameters editing (including Realtime).
  • Some automatic calculations.

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