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Botanical Garden 2 in the track selection screen of CGW demo. It's the seventh track displayed and is set between Toy World 1 and Toys in the Hood 2.

Botanical Garden 2 is one of the several ideas that did not make it into Re-Volt. It would be the sequel of Botanical Garden and would be included in the final version of the game, but was delayed for its sequel 'Re-Volt Gold', which was canceled and not been released.[1] Its folder is supposed to be named as 'Jap'.[citation needed]

Textures found[2] and talks with Simon Harrison[3] suggests that this track has a theme inspired in a Japanese Zen Garden. It also contains textures of metalic surfaces, rock walls, and a wall from Supermarket 1.

Its name can be seen in the Track Selection Screen of CGW and PC Gamer demos, but its folder and files are not present in the demo's folder.
It was set in medium difficulty. That is to say, its name is displayed between the silver cup tracks. However, these demos have a different order of tracks displayed, so it can not be said for sure if the level was really planned to be part of the silver cup.