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Blender (v2.66.1) default startup scene.

Blender is a free open-source 3d modeling program which is comparable to 3DS Max in power, but with a much different layout. It's used for creating animation, visual effects, 3d models and video games.

It's the most used by Re-Volters nowadays. It serves both to create cars and tracks.

History of exporting methods

The first method of exporting was using the Goofos ASE Export Version 0.6.10b_UT and a specially crafted .blend file for the Re-Volt texture setup.[1] Then, Asetools is used for converting the files to the Re-Volt formats.

Blender window showing first successfully exported model.

With the release of 2.5x series of Blender, the Goofos ASE Export method has become unfunctional. In addition, it never provided a way for adding Surface Properties and other useful features present in 3ds Max. This eventually led the users to search for another exporting method.

Hence in 2011, Jigebren created a native Re-Volt Exporter for the newest Blender versions of that time. It was in beta phase, but could be requested by joining his developers/testers list. The plugin enables the exporting of most of Re-Volt formats, including prm/m, w, hul and ncp. Jigebren is no longer updating his plugin or even posting news about the project status.[2]

Current exporting method

In 2017, due to the lack of Jigebren updates, Marv and Dummiesman started working on their own plugin: HabitatB. It could run in Blender versions from 2.78 onward, and was planned to contain as much features as Jigebren's plugin had, as well as unique new features.

Few months later, Marv created an enhanced version of HabitatB, which is the exporting method using nowadays. It includes all the features already added in HabitatB and much more.[3][4]


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