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Battle tag-Star Green

A star being caught during a Battle Tag.

Battle Tag is a multiplayer playmode in Re-Volt. There are four exclusive arenas available for this mode.


Battle Tag works like a reverse Tag game. The players must find and pick-up a star that is hidden somewhere in the level. Its location varies per match. When a player takes the star, their timer starts counting down. The timer varies between 2 to 5 minutes; its duration can be changed in Re-Volt 1.2, RVGL and WolfR4. The main objective is to hold the star until the time runs out.

By coming within proximity of the player with the star, other players can steal the star, thus starting the timer for the one that stole it while stopping the time of the one who previously had the star.

In Battle Tag, using the 'Reposition' key allows the vehicles are able to jump at a moderate height instead of normally repositioning the car in other modes. This is because arenas do not have a set course.

In the moment a star is caught, an electro-green pulse covers the car (similar to the Electro Pulse), emitting a bright green glow. For the other players an arrow appears showing the location of the player who caught the star. While in effect of the electro-green pulse, the top speed of the affected car decreases, making it harder to evade with the star.

The first player to use up all of the timer using the star wins the match. Other opponents can then take the star off the stationary winner to aim for second place and so forth.


  • Avoid contact with others by jumping, drifting, or going into splits and subways.
  • Jump over high places with difficult access (like boxes and shelves in supermarket).


  • Pressing fast the reposition key two times makes the car to jump higher.
  • After jumping towards a wall, cars can be rebounded by pressing the reposition key after the impact. Cars can also climb the wall reproducing the same process, but pressing the reposition key only when the impact is going to happen.
  • Jumps should be avoided in common routes in order to avoid speed decrements.
  • Cheat other players by pretending you are going to jump, then change the direction. This can be made near to Supermarket shelves or Botanical Garden flower beds.

Stock Battle Tags[]