Robert ofarrell

Robert O'Farrel's face: the image used in Bargarama.

Bargarama is a cheat code functional only during a race. This code is known for replacing the static reflection bitmap (envstill.bmp) by the portrait of Robert 'Barg' O'Farrell.[1] It replaces the wheels of cars as well (technically by flat squares mapped with Barg's face). This code was made by Re-Volt developers as a form of gratitude for his work.[2]
Just like Gimmecredits and Joker, the player needs to type the code during a race in order to activate it (instead of using the Name Wheel).


  • When the game's window is minimized and then restored, the face is replaced by the bitmap of the fonts (Font.bmp).
  • When the level is left, the reflection bitmap is restored, however, the wheels' models retain the appearance of a flat square, but this time with the original envstill bitmap.
  • The face is visible once per level. In order to see the face another time, the player needs to restart the game and retype the code.
  • The face's bitmap is somehow coded into the font.bmp file. Some people were even able to rip it off the file, for example, the Re-Volt (Discord Server) staff who transformed it into a custom emoji.
  • The code doesn't work in RVGL since the patch replaces the original font.bmp by a new one. It plays Honkgood.wav, but does nothing else.
  • The face can also be seen in AI Nodes edit mode by typing the numpad numbers 1, 2 and 3.[3]


The code was first discovered by Jigebren. It was published in the forum Our Re-Volt Pub on February 3, 2010, at 10:42 PM. [4]



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