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  • Autoshaded car

Autoshade (also known as Car Lighting or Car Lighter) is a tool for auto shading (auto darkening/lighting) car parts making it look more realistic.


  • Fast 3D preview (approximate, not accurate and bases on CPU)
  • Shades by Vertex
  • Shades by Polygon
  • Recolor (shade by color+lighting) the car

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Riko (RE COlor) is the spinoff and heavily modified version of Autoshade.


Riko preview

Although they're from the same base, the output and the calculation values are totally different.

Difference from Autoshade

  • Accurate 3D preview (using VoltGL)
  • What you see is what you get edit mode
  • Possibility to modify light position, light direction and light intensity (through fake values)
  • One "Shade" button

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