At The Farm

At The Farm is currently (as of 24th December 2009) the longest track Urnemanden has created. An Extreme track that is 860 meters long, created using RVGlue and instances from different kits. The track was released on RVZ at late April in 2008.

Description, Flow and Racing Line

As included in the readme file:

Farmurne fs

At The Farm; Screenshot taken by Crone94.

Papa Urne has bought an old farm in a country called Denmark. He had to make everything from the beginning, except from the house and the sunflower garden. It's hard, and he must take a nap some times, since he's an old man. But what he doesn't know is that someone is using his farm... TO A RACE!

Cars mainly drive around everywhere, from different gardens to the old road surrounded by pinetrees. Hay bales may look soft, but is just as hard as the stonepaths. Direction Triggers guide the player towards the goal, once it have been everywhere from the sunflower garden to the stables.

Graphics and Environment

At The Farm was created using Instances edit mode. Most prms was created by other authors, like Zach, RickyD's Instances Kit & BurnRubr, among others.

No textures was modified in any huge way, and all original textures belong under copyright to their authors.

Updates and Bugs

At The Farm was updated once, but since the update didn't affect the gameplay, nor the ability to make a faster race, this update only is available on Urnemanden's website.

Most bugs has a relation to the collision data, because of the way the track has been build. Each plane was placed just above the big plane with the earth texture applied.

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