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ASE Tools is a "Command-Line Interface tool" originaly created by Ali Kroller for Re-Volt and is apart of the RVTMod pack. It is completely OpenSource, and is generally used for creating Extreme Tracks and Original cars.

The tools are used to convert *.ase (3ds max ASCII scene) 3d models to understandable Re-Volt formats such as instances (*.prm) and world files (*.w). It works just like a drag and drop executable.

RST's fix

In order to assure using all the quality of Re-Volt, RST (the mod creator) has introduced new code section for exporting textures to 30 (A~Z + models) bmps instead of 10 (A~J). The code recompilation and modification was named as Ase2W FIX.

Kay's Ase2rv8

At April 11, 2014, the user Kay announced his sequel for RVTMod: the rvtmod8, which included several new features for the *.ase tools like the fix of the vectors’ normals = 0 error, increase of NCP’s polycount limit, global shading and new command lines.[1]

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  1. Ase2rv category of Kay's Blog
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