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Alias Re-Volt Master is an Italian website created by TheFactor82 on September 01, 2000.


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ARM was originally created to serve as reference for italian revolters. Providing documents like manuals, tutorials, news and other stuff coming from the international community translated in italian.

Since the creation of ARM forum, the italian community started to grow fast. 

In country, other small communities born in ARM's shadow but, since the "Reign of Re-Volt" (its historical counterpart) sudden death in 2015, ARM is now the only italian-speaking site focused on Re-Volt. Providing also several exclusive features including custom mods, downloads, etc.

Alias Re-Volt Master's forum, created on May 04, 2006.[1], is ranked as the first most popular/active forum.[2]

ARM has also an active racing community. Racers from all the country join themself online, especially in evening, putting together random races and/or special events.


First years[]

According to the official story topic, written by TheFactor82, Alias Re-Volt Master was born on the 1st September 2000, after circa 3 months of preparation, hosted by Geocities (a free hosting provider relative to Yahoo).

"...i remember that, at the beginning of this project, i was probably the only webmaster on earth without a home Internet connection. I was attending the Polytechnic at the time, and everyday I brought in by bag tons of 1.44MB floppy disks full of stuff to upload. DVDs didn't already exist and the lab PCs haven't got the CD drive. The first version of the site was tiny anyway, less than 15MB, which was all the space available on the domain..."

In the first years of life, ARM growed rapidly due to the research performed by its admin about material and util stuff. On 3rd April 2003 TheFactor82 purchased the full domain "", in order to provide unlimited space to its creature.

A first forum attempt was made in 2003-2004, but after a bunch of message and a lot of inactivity, it was dismissed.

ARM Forum birth[]

2005 was unsuccesful, having the site quite inactive. But in 2006, after starting a prolific collaboration with FBV-86 and bmascy, TheFactor82 opened ARM official forum.

With ARM Forum, the number of visitors and active users growed exponentially, and some exclusive content was released (eg. the PRO-MOD and ADEON CHALLENGE MOD by FBV-86). Even a huge number of racers started to sistematically join themself online, giving birth at what will be called "Re-Volt Racing Nights", a series of "just-fun" random races.

ARM 2.0[]

On 13th July 2011, after a year of work, a massive upgrade (called "ARM 2.0") was released. Replacing the obsolete static html site with a CMS-based new structure, that fits perfectly with the skin of the forum. The CMS, called "Icy Phoenix", provided more interactivity. Users were allowed to upload own content themself, and the official development team, lead by Lo Scassatore and Hermes, developed several apps and add-ons (eg. the "ARM Ladder").

ARM Champs[]

Alias Re-Volt Master's racing community has had several online multiplayer and offline championships.

Below are some of the main ones.

ARM Pro-Mod Challenge[]

This challenge is based on the Re-Volt Pro Mod, created by FBV-86. The mod upgrades all the original cars to PRO level, reducing the gap of performance between the cars of different classes.

This tournament is played online on the Re-Volt Stock Tracks. Every driver starts with an amount of credit, which can be used to buy cars. The credit of a player grows according to his results in the race-day. The winner is the first player that collect a car for each class.


Introduced by the ARM Special NASCAR Rollout, the ANC is played online with NASCAR cars on several Oval-Style tracks, 20 laps per track.

The ANC tracks are:

  • Gt Test Oval by Billster
  • DAYTOYA 500 by DSL_Tile & SuperTard
  • LS Tiny Oval Drome by Lo Scassatore
  • Double Oval Drome by Lo Scassatore

RRC (Re-Volt Rally Championship)[]

RRC is an offline Rally Championship based on Time Trial races. Drivers are divided into Teams, the owner of a Racing Team will develop a car based on an original Re-Volt car and respecting a set of limits imposed by the Championship Rules, which will be used by the members of his/her team. Every driver runs the game offline and makes a screen-shot of their race time. They then proceed to post it on the Alias Re-Volt Master Forum as an image. Race Ranking is compiled according to the race time of each driver.

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