This page refers to the different studios acquired by Acclaim Entertainment. For the Re-Volt fan that used to create repaints, check Acclaim Studios (Fan).

Acclaim (Iguana) Studios London

Acclaim Studios Iguana: The standart logo used for all the studios from 1999 forward.[1]

Acclaim Studios refers to all the studios acquired by Acclaim. It includes Acclaim Studios London (Probe Software, acquired in 1995), which is the studio that have originally created Re-Volt.
Other studios are Acclaim Comics (Valiant Comics), Acclaim Studios Austin (Iguana Entertainment), Acclaim Studios Cheltenham, Acclaim Studios Manchester (Software Creations), Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City (Sculptured Software) and Acclaim Studios Teesside (Optimus Software)[2].
After Acclaim went defunct in 2004, all the other studios were consequently closed down and liquidated.


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