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Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. was an independent game publisher company founded in Delaware state in 1987.[1] They later became a worldwide game developer, publisher, and stock holder. Acclaim had studios in Manchester, United Kingdom, Austin, Texas, and their headquarters in Glen Cove, New York.[2] Acclaim was known by publishing Re-Volt and the Burnout series, as well as being the original publisher of Juiced.


Acclaim's logo as seen in Re-Volt startup introduction

AKLM was its stock symbol. It had public ownership under NASDAQ from 1987-2004.

On August 30, 2004 the company became bankrupt and gave their employees 15 minutes to get their belongings and get out.[3]

Acclaim Games confusion[]

Acclaim Games is often confused with Acclaim Entertainment, but it is in no way related. After Acclaim Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, former Activision CEO Howard Marks purchased Acclaim's brand and logotype in September of 2004 for a reported $100,000.[4]
Acclaim Games was founded in 2006 and its subject was to offer free MMORPGs on its website upon registration. It was Acclaim's sucessor only in terms of brand name, since it took a totally different direction from the previous company[5].
The company had its end on August 27, 2010.

Re-Volt rights after Acclaim's defunct[]

Throwback Entertainment (a Canadian publisher) acquired Re-Volt from Acclaim's games library, together with more than 150 titles in 2004. Six years later, in July 2010, WeGo Interactive purchased all IP related with Re-Volt, RC Revenge Pro and RC De GO from Throwback Entertainment.[6]


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