This page contains unused designs of cars that were never modeled or created. Most of them are abandoned ideas from the very beginning of the creation of the game.

The approved designs are the ones that were included in the game for the official release, present in the car selection screen. Some of these cars got variable modifications in their design idea until reach their final form, as Dust Mite for instance. Its original design is much different from the new one, as it was planned to be taller and with less polygons.[1] These designs are not considered abandoned, but improved, so they are not included here.

It is possible that some of the designs present here were early ideas of the ones from the car selection screen. It is also possible that some of these designs were not abandoned after all and were developed to some extent, but never finished or released. Until it is proved, they will still be considered abandoned.

Paul Phippen have credits for all the work in most, or if not, in all the artworks in this page.

Notable designs

Some of these artworks can be seen in the game's Gallery. Five of them were only available in the Dreamcast version, but nowadays can be also added to the PC version with the installation of the RVGL patch.

Other designs not included in the gallery were shared later by Paul Phippen in his website.

Recreated cars

Over the years, some fans of Re-Volt were recreating the unused designs into drivable vehicles. Below is a list with the known creations.

  • Fiddler (from the Fiddlers on the Roof storyboard) by Marv.
  • Tesla (lib2d image) by Allan1.
  • Patriot (from Phippen's website) by MightyCucumber.
  • APC L-13 (LIB13A image) by Allan1.
  • Hydrox (LIB13B image) by Allan1 and MightyCucumber.
  • Sizzler (LIB14A image) by Allan1 and MightyCucumber.


  1. File:Lib1d.png

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