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Screenshots of Yabba Dabba Doo's AI Nodes (a custom track created by BK)

AI Nodes or Artificial Intelligence Nodes are what the Re-Volt Engine uses to tell the CPU controlled cars where to go and what to do on a track. They're composed by green and red spheres (called nodes) on each side of the racing line which are numbered according to distance automatically once they are saved.
AI Nodes are usually stored in files with the .fan extension.

AI Nodes Characteristics[]

The visual set of an AI Node is composed by two spheres in each side of the racing line. The green sphere is set in the left side, while the red sphere is in the right. This shows the CPU cars the forward direction (the direction they should follow), and every time the player's car is positioned backwards, the figure in form of X (from Fxpage) is shown in the top of the screen.
When two nodes are connected, they will form a white line in the center, called racing line. This line is the main which the CPU cars will follow. There's also a purple line which is the overtaken line, used by faster cars to overtake slower cars in their front.
When an AI Node is not properly connected, and a CPU controlled car reach its line, it will cause the game to crash.

Creating and Editing AI Nodes[]

The MAKEITGOOD cheat code must be entered as a player name in the Name Wheel in order to activate the hidden Edit Mode submenu. After that, switch the edit mode from None to AI Nodes using the left/right keys in the keyboard. Then finally, choose a Track in the Track Selection Screen for editing its AI Nodes.

Key Table[]

Enter edit mode
Insert new node
Select node under cursor
Left Mouse Button
Move selected node
Delete selected node
Connect selected node with another under the cursor
Numpad +
Connect selected node with the last one added
Numpad -
Delete connection between selected node and last node
Numpad /
Move racing line in direction of green node
Numpad *
Move racing line in direction of red node
Numpad 8
Move purple line in direction of green node
Numpad 9
Move racing line in direction of red node
Numpad 0
Set selected node as the first node (start position)
Numpad Enter
Switch node properties
Insert node wall (green nodes side)
Insert node wall (red nodes side)
Invert red and green nodes when selected
Shift + T
Invert all inserted nodes
Left Shift + Spacebar
Merge purple line with racing line
Left Shift + Ctrl + Spacebar
Clear all node properties
Reverse nodes direction
Ctrl + F4
Save AI Nodes data

AI Nodes Tutorials[]

RRR Racing Forum was used to have a full documentation about AI Nodes, but it's unavailable nowadays.

AI Nodes Experienced Users[]

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