ADX alias AdventureX is a male computer programmer born in August 13, 1990, fan of Re-Volt, and webmaster of Re-Volt Developers forum and RVScript. He lives in Alicante, Spain and enjoys talking with other racers in the area. His only creation includes a Lego track called "Training Method".

Adx re-volt re-born sig

Re-Volt "Re-Born" Signature.

The Source Code

ADX is known to have obtained the Re-Volt Source Code from a contact supposedly involved in the Xbox version of the game (which was never released) and says he was able to build a demo of the game from the ground up. He also wished to one day recreate the game with some added features and support for other operating systems. The legality of this is not overly known since the game is considered abandonware and both Acclaim Entertainment and ThrowBack Entertainment do not currently own this source. According to even if ThrowBack is rebuilding the game it is not the same source code as the previous build so it should be fine, but this still remains unknown.

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